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roundnews24Behind the scenesLoveworld stars ordered to retreat from #EndSARS protests.

Loveworld stars ordered to retreat from #EndSARS protests.

Loveworld music stars ordered to retreat from #EndSARS protests.

Loveworld music and Arts Ministry (LMAM) has instructed it’s artistes to withdraw all their efforts in the ongoing protests against the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

The instructions was sent privately via email by the Loveworld music and Arts Ministry director Evangelist Kathy Woghiren to all artistes. The mail stated that all artistes affiliated with the Christ Embassy owned music industry should desist from taking part or contributing to the protests, and all social media posts promoting the EndSARS campaign be pulled down.

Some loveworld music ministers like Sinach, Ada, JeffreySongs etc joined the protests to put an end to the indiscriminate killing of youths in the country. Following their footsteps, many younger generation of artistes followed suit in a bid to restore peace and sanity to the society. Internationally recognized Rocktown records boss Frank Edwards extended his generosity in offering medical assistance for the protest casualties.

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Meanwhile, president of Loveworld nation Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ph.D D.Sc DD has warned every Artiste in the ministry to disengage from the protests, stating his reasons as the protests being engineered by some interest groups in a bid to achieve a “State capture” on the government; a similar scenario with the #BlackLivesMatters demonstration in the United States. The interest groups hopes to achieve this by inciting the citizens into the streets to clamour for some demands which was believed to be the expulsion of SARS unit while they manipulate and push a different agenda into the Senate.

In collaboration to this, the leader of the Special innovation advocacy foundation (SIAF) Mr. Segun Awosanya who initially started the #EndSARS campaign few years ago has bemoaned that the protests have been hijacked by a group known as “The fifth columnist” comprising of most of the celebrities who led the protests in different cities for selfish reasons.

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