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Luis Suarez Reacts to Quique Setien’s ‘Difficult to Manage’ Claim on Lionel Messi

Luis Suarez responded to former Barcelona manager Quique Setien’s ‘difficult to manage’ claim on Lionel Messi. Suarez, who joined Atletico Madrid after an impressive 6-year spell at Barcelona, decided to not react much to Setien’s remarks on his former teammate.

“I’d rather not get into that, because it only helps to turn it into a bigger issue than it should be,” Suarez told AS.

Suarez shared a great camaraderie with Messi both on and off the field. The Uruguayan and the Argentine were a lethal force in front of the goals for the Catalan giants and won several trophies for them.

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The Atletico Madrid striker claims that every player who has played alongside Messi talks highly of him as he helps youngsters a lot with his valuable advice.

“Any team-mate who has worked alongside Leo will talk highly of him, of what a class player he is and what a top guy he is away from the pitch. He really helps the youngsters, giving them pieces of advice.

“Every player who has worked with him talks highly of him. That says a lot about the kind of player and person he is in that dressing room,” Suarez added

The prolific striker further talked about Messi’s desire to leave the club at the start of the ongoing season. Suarez said that he will not influence his good friend to join him at Atletico Madrid as according to him, Messi is mature enough to make his decisions by himself.

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“I’ll always say it: Leo is mature enough to make the decisions he needs to make by himself. I’ll never try to influence what he does; wherever he’s happy, I’ll always support his right to make the decision that’s best for him.”

” If at any point the possibility arises, then he should say so as obviously I’m going to talk very highly of him to the club.”

“But as far as suggesting things to him is concerned, I think he’s the one who has to make such decisions and wherever he’s happiest is the best place for him to be,” he added.

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