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Man accuses Oxlade of making Away with his studio equipments.

A Nigerian twitter user @i_am_santis2 has laid accusations on Nigerian artiste Oxlade of allegedly breaking into his studio and making away with his instruments.

The accuser, at the moment isn’t certified to have any affiliations with the artiste, and so couldn’t provide concrete evidence that Mr. Oxlade (real names: Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman) had ever laid hands on his studio equipments and therefore the fast rising artiste couldn’t be held accountable for the accusations by proper authorities.

The tweet however wasn’t a theft accusation but pun intended for fun. Mr. Santis is keeping up with the new social media trend called “banger”, wherein tweeps makes a post laced with wordplays to entertain their audience.

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The tweet would be explained thus; Oxlade sang a song called “Away” hence the pun of made “away” with the instruments.
The joke is on the fact it seems that Oxlade made the song in the studio of, and using the musical instruments of, the tweet owner.


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