Man caught after stealing a car said God told him to, going for police vehicle next


Man accused of stealing a vehicle from a fire station said God ask him to do it when he got arrested for the crime.

Jeffrey McCants, Jr, from Alabama was nabbed by the police after a surveillance video released on Thursday shows him walking into a Prichard Fire Department station and stole a car named 2009 Crown Victoria.

After he was caught, the man admitted to stealing the car, However, claimed he was doing a divine deed. He introduced himself to cameras saying he is “running for mayor of Mobile, Alabama, baby” and then proceeded to flirt with one of the female reporters, Fox News reported.

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When asked the reason for the theft he told the reporter, “Ma’am if I had a woman like you I wouldn’t need to. But I took it because God told me to. And guess what, God help me do everything.”

“I steal everything, man. I steal your heart, baby,” he said as an officer escorted him into a police vehicle.

Although McCants says God helps him with everything he admits, it doesn’t work out every time. “God helps me do everything. Good and bad. He helps me get away from the police…but not this time.”

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The audacious thief has another big goal after he is released from jail: ‘When I get out, I’m gonna steal a police car!’ The local Fox station reported that McCants is being held at Mobile County Metro Jail on charges of first-degree theft and first-degree burglary.


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