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Man criticizes Femi Otedola over expensive car gifts to his daughters.

A social media user commenting on the three brand new Ferrari Portofino car gifts from Billionaire Femi Otedola to his three daughters, Temi, DJ Cuppy, and Tolani says they are “absolutely waste of resources”.

According to this man on Twitter, the massive amount of money Femi Otedola spent in acquiring those expensive cars could have been channelled into helping those who lost their jobs and struggling to survive because of the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

He continued the money could have been used to lift poverty or build hospitals, schools, and other developmental projects to help humanity in these difficult times.

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The man wrote; “In a middle of a Pandemic when many people are unemployed and currently struggling to survive? Do you know many families he can lift out of poverty or how many hospitals, schools would be well equipped with this money? Absolutely waste of resources”.

The three Ferraris are worth about $630,000 and this dude thinks the money could have been used to help humanity rather than buying sports cars for spoilt brats to show off on social media.

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