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Man gets a bottle of urine in his Food Order, Company apologizes

In a shocking incident, a man received a bottle filled with urine as part of a food delivery during the lockdown. The incident came to light after the man named Oliver McManus from the United Kingdom took to Twitter and wrote that he has received “someone’s bottled up piss as part of my order”. Soon, his tweet went viral and the food delivery company issued an apology to the customer.

Taking to Twitter, McManus tweeted the company a picture with the question: “Hey HelloFreshUK, I’ll keep it simple: why have I received someone’s bottled-up piss as part of my order? Look forward to your response on this one.” McManus added: “Give me an address, I’ll send it to you and you can have a whiff in case you’re skeptical!”

However, he deleted his tweet later and wrote, “I’m deleting yesterday’s tweets because I’ve woke up to phone calls from journalists wanting a story and, worse, journalists printing stuff and quoting me without my permission.”

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Soon after he tweeted about receiving the suspicious-looking yellow liquid, the company HelloFresh apologized to him and said, “We truly lack the words to describe how sorry we are because of this.”

According to reports, the company does not supply drinks with its meal kits and some people have assumed that the mistake may have occurred after a delivery driver used the bottle to go to the toilet to save time. McManus further tweeted that he believed it was a delivery error, adding “the box wasn’t sealed properly and it [the bottle] was just sort of nestling on the top.”

Speaking to The Independent, McManus said that he had been “taken by surprise” not only by the delivery but also by the reaction on social media. “The last thing I would want is for anyone to get sacked or in trouble as a result of this incident. It is unfortunate that it happened but I’m sure it raises some wider questions about working conditions in the UK,” he said.

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