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Man Hides HIV Positive Status From Wife Before Wedding, She Aborts Their Baby & Gets Marriage Annulled

A Chinese woman has received a shock of her life after learning that her husband was infected with HIV before marriage and had concealed it from her all this while.

She ask the court in Shanghai’s Minhang District dissolve her marraige, after hearing the woman’s petition the court ruled in favour of her and annulled the couple’s marriage on Monday.

According to Daily Mail report, the plaintiff, known by her surname Li, and her ex, known by his surname Jiang, got married last June after discovering that she had fallen pregnant.

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A few days after the wedding, Jiang ‘confessed’ to his wife that he had suffered from AIDS for many years and had to take medication long-term. On knowing about his heath status, she went for an abortion and submitted her petition for an annulment to the court.

During court proceedings, Jiang tried to convince her that it was ‘nearly impossible’ for her and their baby to catch the virus from him because of his medication. However, unable to accept her husband’s condition, Li was adamant on her decision.

Interestingly, this case was one of the first marital disputes to be ruled under China’s new Civil Code, instead of the previous Marriage Law, which came into force on January 1, this year. The Civil Code stipulates that citizens must ‘truthfully inform’ their significant others if they have ‘major diseases’ before registering for marriage.

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