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Man jumps to his death as family films him in Spain [Video]



A tourist who was on holiday in Majorca, Spain with his family when sadly died after falling from a cliff.

According to the New York Post, the Dutch man’s wife and son captured the incident on their phone. The outlet further said that the 31-year-old man attempted to leap from a 100-foot cliff into the ocean as his family was on a close-by boat.

Unfortunately, he miscalculated and soon found out that he wouldn’t make it past the rocks after jumping, which he hit as he made his way down and fell into the water.

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His scream was heard in the footage as his wife said, “Oh my god!”

The Majorca Daily Bulletin reports that authorities were called to the scene shortly after the accident. The Guardia Civil sent out a rescue boat, a helicopter, and divers to look for the body in the water, and they were eventually successful in their search.

Watch the video below.

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