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Man Nearly kill self After Drinking 5 Litres of Water Everyday Believing it Would ‘Cure’ His Covid Symptoms

As the world is still battling the coronavirus, people are increasingly trying home remedies to keep themselves immune from the virus. However, these methods don’t always work and can instead cause more trouble.

In such a failed case, a man from Bristol tried to cure his Covid-19 like symptoms by drinking excess water and ended up in the intensive care unit of a hospital.

Though drinking enough water is always recommended to keep oneself healthy, the limit of consumption is also dependent on one’s health condition. In this case, 34-year-old Luke Williamson was recommended to drink 2 liters of water every day after he went to the doctor thinking he has Covid-19.

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But Williamson didn’t adhere to the doctor’s advice and started consuming 5 liters every day.

As a result, the natural sodium from his body got flushed out by taking on too much fluid. According to Daily Mail, the increased volume caused water intoxication, meaning his body’s salt levels became dangerously low, leading to a collapse in the bathroom.

Fortunately, his wife who was at home immediately called the paramedics who rushed him to the hospital.

“He had been very poorly for a week and advised to drink plenty of fluids. He went up to have a bath one night and, the next thing you know, there was a huge bang. He had got out and collapsed.

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The hospital reckons he had a fit. This was down to his salt levels being flushed out by drinking too much water. That’s what caused it,” Laura told Daily Mail.

Doctors informed that due to excessive consumption of water, Luke’s brain had swollen and he was kept in the intensive care unit for 2-3 days.

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