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Man recounts how he makes his girlfriend loses her job as payback for cheating on him

A young Nigerian man, identified as Adedolapo, has detailed how he drove his ex-girlfriend lose her job as retaliation for cheating on him.

He said that after learning of her cheating exploits, he duped her into resigning from her position.

The man who goes by @Adedolapoadey13 on Twitter, admitted that he had convinced his ex-girlfriend that if she quit her job, he would open a spa for her.

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He sent her a break-up text message as soon as she quit, including proof of her indiscreet behavior.

Adedolapo stated, “When my ex started cheating, I did not let her know I knew, but I was planning my revenge carefully. Told her to resign her job that I will open a spa for her (she has always hated her job). Then when she resigned and told me, I sent her my evidence with a breakup text.”

A user asked how he felt after committing such a prank as retaliation for his unfaithful partner.

He responded, “I didn’t feel better actually, but I was happy to see she became sadder than I was. She is still looking for job, I have another lover now.

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Some social media users voiced their opinions in his comment section.

@DeeGold01 wrote: As your name implies!!! You’re ESU Tru Tru.. But that’s too much for your fellow person abeg.. Not saying what she did is good but you actually wrecked her with what you did. All relationship mustn’t last forever. All relationship mustn’t end in marriage

@AgbowoF said, “Thank you so much at least I didn’t waste my data here today , i will do like you this Christmas period no peace for the wicked”.

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@D12_JO said: Your level of wickedness just rendered me speechless and you just earned a new follower. You’re my role model.

@UdeoguStella wrote: All of you here are evil, wicked, heartless, misogynist. A girl will never revenge on u like this for the fact that you guys are the master piece of cheating.

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