Married man built a tunnel to his secret lover house just to carry on with the affair

A construction worker, built a long tunnel to his girlfriend’s home, in order to carry on their secret affair. However, their clandestine affair was exposed by the woman’s husband.

According to reports, the construction worker, named Alberto, built a passageway that allowed him to visit a woman named Pamela at her residence in the Tijuana neighborhood of Villas del Prado 1 while her husband Jorge was at his security job.

The couple used to often meet when the woman’s husband named Jorge was away at work. But the illicit affair didn’t last long as Jorge caught the couple red-handed when he came home earlier than usual, Daily Mail reported.

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To his utter surprise, Jorge found Alberto hiding behind a sofa and noticed a hole that led into a tunnel beneath his house. When he climbed down to the passageway, it led him all the way to Alberto’s home!

Upon reaching his home, Alberto reportedly pleaded with Jorge to leave the house as he was trying to hide the affair from his wife. But things soon escalated from there as the two men got into a fistfight following which the cops intervened and separated them.

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