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roundnews24FootballMateu Lahoz admits he unwillingly booked Messi

Mateu Lahoz admits he unwillingly booked Messi

Mateu Lahoz

The referee in charge of the La Liga Barcelona vs Osusana clash, Mateu Lahoz has admitted he unwillingly showed Lionel Messi the yellow card for taking off his shirt during the game.

The Barcelona captain netted the 4th goal and his second open play goal of the season in the match before taking off his shirt to reveal Maradona’s Newell old boys jersey. His goal celebration however was a tribute to the Late Argentine legend who was his former national team coach and role model. Messi dedicated his goal to honor the Late Maradona who passed away on Wednesday, November 25th from heart attack after having a surgery on his brain.

Messi’s actions however goes against the FIFA rules and therefore got him booked. The six time Balon D’or winner was shown a yellow card moments after the celebration. But referee Mateu Lahoz spoke after the game that booking the Barca captain for taking off his shirt was only part of his job. Mateu Lahoz insisted that his decision goes against his personal feelings.

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The referee called on FIFA to reconsider it’s rules and accommodate players who takes their shirt off in honor of a deceased football legend or solidarity to a movement such a Black lives matter. The new FIFA rules should include a pardon to any player who takes off his shirt under those circumstances.

Furthermore, Mateu Lahoz appealed to La Liga to rescind the yellow card slammed on Messi during the game. He concluded that Diego Maradona was a great player and deserves the honor.


′′When I got my hands in my back pocket to take out the yellow card for Messi, my heart hurt really well. I think FIFA should make exceptions to this rule.
When someone pulls off their shirt to support society like the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement or to pay tribute to a legend that has passed away, that player should be forgiven.
I just did my job. But I have to admit I did it with a pinch on my heart. Maradona was a great player, hopefully La Liga will remove that yellow card from Messi”

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