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Meet 92-Year-Old Vietnamese Man who hasn’t Cut or Washed His 5-Metre-Long Hair in 80 Years

Photo Credit: Twitter/Reuters

In an unbelievable or what might seem impossible but a 92-year-old man in Vietnam, who is the proud owner of 5-meter-long hair has gone 80 years without washing, combing or cutting his hair! Well, this wasn’t for some world record but because of his belief in a faith that prescribes leaving untouched what a person is born with.

Nguyen Van Chien, who worships nine powers and seven gods, believes it was his calling to grow his hair, which he bundles up under an orange turban.

Owing to his belief in a faith that prescribes leaving untouched what a person is born with.

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“I believe if I cut my hair I will die. I dare not to change anything, not even combing it. I only nurture it, cover it in a scarf to keep it dry and clean and looking nice,” Chien told Reuters.

When he was a child, his school mandated him to cut his hair, however, when he left studies after 3rd grade, he vowed never to cut, comb or wash it again.

”I remembered my hair was black, thick, and strong. I combed it, untangled it to make it smooth. But when I heard the calling from the divine power, I knew immediately that I was chosen. I touched my hair and overnight it has become really hard. It has attached to my head and became a thing of its own”, he further said.

He uses an orange turban to protect his hair and keep it dry. Notably, his fifth son, 62-year-old Luom, helps him take care of his supremely long and thick hair.

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