Messi plans €4Million to help get Ronaldinho out of Jail


Lionel Messi to  Spend €4Million to Help Get Ronaldinho Out of Jail

Lionel Messi is planning to set up €4million to help release Ronaldinho from Paraguayan prison following updates on the Brazilian’s arrest a week ago, according to reports.

Ronaldinho was arrested by security agents for traveling with a fake passport, while he is likewise supposedly under investigation for other crimes.

The Brazil legend is thought to have headed out to the South American country on the invitation of a casino owner and was planning to partake in a children’s soccer event and to launch his book ‘genius of Life’.

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Subsequent to being taken by police, a judge denied Ronaldinho and his brother house arrest because of fears that they would attempt to get away from the country in the midst of a media frenzy.

According to a tweet posted by flexywap media Messi has hired a team of lawyers to represent Ronaldinho which cost him up to €4million.

The two were friends back when Ronaldinho was still playing for Barcelona.

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meanwhile, the Paraguayan news outlet reports that Ronaldinho led his team to an 11-2 victory in the final of the tournament, contributing five goals and six assists in the rout.


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