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Millions have died to keep us together – Buhari



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Nigeria’s President, Muhammdu Buhari, issued a warning on Tuesday, August 9, against activities such as self-centeredness, which he said will lead to Nigeria’s three-year civil war.

President Buhari warned that the nation must not wage war once more in the name of separatist movement when former state chairmen of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) were present in the audience.

He said that it was important to prevent similar mistakes from happening again in the nation.

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The president also stated that the Federal Republic of Nigeria should be the major focus, according to a statement released by the presidential spokeswoman, Femi Adesina.

“We are human beings. We have our weaknesses, but I can assure you that the patriotism in us is hard-earned.

“We have gone through all the troubles from the 15th of January 1966 to date. You know what I mean by this, we have killed a million of ourselves in order to keep this country together.”

To guarantee that Nigeria remains one nation, the president pleaded with everyone to do their part.

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“I don’t think there can be any practical experience more than that. We are Nigerians, God willing, we remain Nigerians and Nigeria will remain one,” the president added.

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