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Most Admired Sportsman in The World Revealed – read

Lionel Messi may have beat Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of money, but the Portuguese got the better of the Barcelona icon when it came to being the ‘most admired sportsman’ in the world.

YouGov has released its annual list of the most admired people in the world and Ronaldo ranks higher than Messi yet again. This would bring a lot of cheer for Ronaldo fans, who have not got a lot to cherish about – in terms of titles. Messi too has gone through a rough time lately, with his transfer rumours taking centerstage.

But, it seems Ronaldo – who recently became the second footballer in the history of the game to score 100 international goals – is the most loved player in the world. While Ronaldo is in the sixth spot, Messi finds himself at 11.

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YouGov also compared the Juve star and six-time Ballon D’Or-winner rank in different countries with the Portuguese more admired in 32 of the 42 countries and territories surveyed – which is a surprise considering their rankings.

According to the list, former US President Barack Obama continues to rule the hearts and finds himself in the numero uno spot. He is followed by Bill Gates and Xi Jinping.

While the former US first lady Michelle Obama comes first in the World’s Most Admired Women followed by Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth II respectively.

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