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Most dangerous countries in the world Revealed: New 2020 data shows new nations emerge on list

Traveling comes with its own dangers, nevertheless, some places are more regrettable than others with regards to safety. Presently the most dangerous countries have been uncovered.

The new intelligent ‘Travel Risk Map‘ from International SOS reveals that the riskiest countries on earth currently, topping the list are Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, and Venezuela.

In the interim, safety havens include Finland, Norway, and Denmark.

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The map ranks global destinations based on a series of factors including road safety, security and medical.

International SOS collated data with respect to medical insurance risks and cases to decide the outcomes.

Factors included infectious disease burden, environmental factors, medical evacuation data, road trauma data, the standard of emergency medical services, outpatient and inpatient medical care, access to quality pharmaceutical supplies, and cultural, language or administrative barriers.

Regarding medical risk, some of the most dangerous countries are African nations Libya, Niger, Guinea, Central African Republic, and Eritrea, as well as Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Venezuela.

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Security risk factors were also assessed, with Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Mali posing “extreme” risk for travelers.

Venezuela, Egypt, Pakistan and Kenya likewise highlighted among those rates as “high risk“.

Road safety is a huge portion of Africa, as well as Saudi Arabia, Vietnam and Venezuela are flagged for their high mortality rate in road traffic accidents.

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The research also uncovered some of the top reasons for travel disruptions.

According to International SOS security threats, civil unrest, geopolitical unrest, and natural disasters are among the heavy hitters.

Along with these, epidemics, infectious diseases and detention and kidnapping are on the rise.

Climate is another top thought with regards to travel risk and according to International SOS, environmental change will fuel the event of environmental disruptions in 2020.

Among the most exceedingly terrible dangers for natural disasters, events are hurricanes and wildfires in the United States, floods in parts of Europe and earthquakes in places ranging from Turkey to Japan.

“Natural disasters are really impacting every corner of the globe,” says Weisbrod.

“So being as prepared as possible and aware of the risks is what we recommend to travelers. And then having a way to stay informed if something does take place.”

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