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roundnews24GistMotivational speaking gone wrong: Twitter users reacts savagely.

Motivational speaking gone wrong: Twitter users reacts savagely.

An upcoming motivational speaker trying to practice his craft on social media unexpectedly got on the wrong side of his audience as his story earned him a lot of savage criticisms instead of the encomiums he might have hoped for.

The motivational speaker tweeted a parable of a good Samaritan trying to rescue a snake from a burning fire, and got himself a bite in the process. The rescuer ignoring the bite still went ahead to pick the venomous snake out of the flame using a pole this time and later on explained his actions to a nearby onlookers as being in his nature to help irrespective of the snake’s nature of biting.

The message passed in his story failed to make the necessary Impact on his readers, as everyone took the story literally and wasted no time in reacting unpleasantly.

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