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Movie Review: SHADOW IN THE CLOUD (2020)

Directed by: Roseanne Liang

Cast: Asher Bridle, Benedict Wall, Beulah Koale, Byron Coll, Callan Mulvey, Chloë Grace Moretz, Joe Witkowski, Liam Legge, Nick Robinson, Taylor John Smith

Genre: Action, Horror, War

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Rating: 5/10

Captain Maude Garrett, a female WWII pilot trying to warn her headstrong male comrades of a creepy stowaway, While stuck in the turret, She suddenly sees some sort of creature clinging to the underside of the bomber’s wing; she reports it, but most of the crew – except Beckell, who sights it too. 

Thumbs up

Chloe acts her heart out. From her fun roles like Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass or her incredibly committed dramatic performance in Hugo, you can tell that she is an actress with a lot of range and potential. Overall, the best thing to say about this film is that the central performance is great and the film is never boring, as its 83-minute run time does fly by.

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Thumbs down

Shadow in the Cloud mainly just feels like a bunch of random ideas smashed into one film. The script did not match up the great actors it features. Also, how did the baby remain unharmed throughout the entire movie? This film has some ‘cartoonishly’ over the top parts that will genuinely make you laugh out loud. So you may enjoy it for that reason.

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