Nigerian Man Steals N10,000 from His Girlfriend, Place a Bet, Wins N100m, and Returns the N10,000 to Her

Trouble is brewing between a Nigerian man and his girlfriend because he won a lot of money when he bet on sports in Nigeria and won N100 million.

To make matters worse, he took the N10,000 seed money from his girlfriend and used it to play the bet.

He has, however, agreed to repay the N10,000 he took from his girlfriend and also to give her N5 million of the N100 million.

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According to an Instagram post on Daily Star, his girlfriend has strongly objected to this idea. She wants N40 million, which seems to be based on the fact that the money was hers.

She threatens to abandon him if he does not provide her with the N40m from the betting winnings. The guy is reported to be in a dilemma since he does not want to lose his lady but is also averse to paying her the N40 million she demands.


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