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Nigerian woman who led a prostitution ring extradited to Italy

Italian police reported that a Nigerian lady was extradited from Abuja to Rome on March 8 in order to serve a 13-year prison sentence for offenses included operating a prostitution ring.

Joy Jeff, 48, is one of the few women on Italy’s most wanted list and a major member of the Nigerian mafia, according to a police statement.

Since 2010, she had been wanted in Italy for trafficking women to Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

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Jeff, was convicted in absentia and sentenced to 13 years in prison for criminal conspiracy, slavery, human trafficking, and living off prostitution earnings.

A deal struck in 2020 by Nigeria and Italy permitted the extradition. Per the statement, she was apprehended in Nigeria on June 4, 2022, on an international warrant issued by Italy.

The woman was flown from Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, to Rome’s Ciampino airport, where she was taken away in a wheelchair by police.

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