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Nnamdi Kanu’s brother loses IPOB leader’s custody case in UK court

Nnamdi Kanu’s brother lost a legal lawsuit against the British government for his ongoing detention in Nigeria.

Kingsley Kanu filed a legal appeal of London’s purported unwillingness to officially recognize Nnamdi Kanu as a victim of extraordinary rendition and unlawful detention.

In October of last year, the Court of Appeal in Abuja decided that he was abducted, ill-treated, and “illegally relocated” from Kenya to Nigeria to face treason and terrorist allegations.

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The criminal case was rejected by the judges, but Nigerian prosecutors appealed, and Kanu, still remains in custody of the DSS.

Judge Jonathan Swift in London denied Kingsley Kanu’s request that the UK foreign ministry decide if his treatment was extraordinary and ask for his release.

Swift disagreed with the brother’s claim that the foreign secretary had “acted irrationally” by declining to comply, and he said that the minister had the authority to decide what was in the best interests of the UK’s diplomatic interests.

The Kanu family’s attorneys have suggested that the case should prompt a rethinking of what official assistance is provided to British people detained abroad, particularly where there are allegations of violations of human rights.

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Kanu, a former London estate agent who also manages the banned Radio Biafra program, was imprisoned in 2015 but escaped two years later, reappearing in the United Kingdom and Israel.

News Source: Channel TV

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