North Korea Is Using Bodies of Dead Prisoners As Fertiliser To Grow Crops For Guards – Former Captive

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In a stunning revelation, a former captive in North Korea prison said that the country uses the bodies of political prisoners as fertilizer to grow crops for the facility’s guards. Then the vegetables grown are given to the camp guards and their families, which includes cabbages, radishes, and spinach.

Revealing what occurs inside the prison, she said, ”The lands are very fertilized, and farming is successful there because the buried human bodies serve as natural fertilizers.”

Adding that “Some guards said that they should bury the bodies evenly throughout the land so that it will fertilize the entire area. They buried people in the mountains. One time, a kid was peeing in the mountains and saw an arm sticking out because they forgot to cover it properly.”

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The former prisoner’s testimony comes at a time when the country has stepped up its missile tests in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, according to Daily Mail report.

The prisoner, who goes by the pseudonym Kim Il-soon, submitted her statements to The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea (HRNK), after her escape.

After this revelation, Greg Scarlatoiu, executive director of HRNK condemned North Korea’s actions and said that there was no respite from the crimes of the Kim regime, even while the entire world is in the midst of a pandemic.

”As the world is struggling to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, the Kim Jong-un regime continues to commit crimes against humanity, brutalizing and victimizing its own people,” he said.

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