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Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 accounts for 90% of new Covid cases in the US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s(CDC) latest assessments indicate that the highly contagious Omicron subvariant XBB.1.5 currently accounts for roughly 90% of all Covid-19 infections recorded in the US.

Since late last year, the prevalence of XBB.1.5 has been rising; this week, it is predicted to account for 90% of all new Covid-19 cases in the nation, up from 85% last week, per usnews.

The United States has avoided a significant seasonal COVID-19 surge like it did the previous two years, as seen by the drop in coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities.

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The major cause is most likely the population’s high degree of immunity, which can be attributed to vaccination, infection, or both.

While XBB.1.5 represented fewer than 1% of cases countrywide in November of last year, the CDC first began monitoring it.

Since then, the US is seeing a rapid expansion of the strain.

Early research reveals that XBB.1.5 includes a few unsettling alterations that indicate it may be the strain that is now most transmissible, being much more infectious than previous strains.

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Even though XBB.1.5 is more contagious, researchers noted that the disease does not appear to be becoming worse.

There was a report over the origins of COVID-19 this week after the Department of Energy apparently changed its position, declaring with “low” confidence that the virus arose from an unintentional laboratory breach in China.

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