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Opinions: Why do men lose interest in their wives after few years in marriage. See responses.

Opinions: Why do men lose interest in their wives after few years in marriage. See responses.

“For better for worse, in sickness and in health”, these marriage vows have been reduced to mere lullaby by some couples. Nobody sees it as a big deal anymore when a married man is spotted keeping company with another woman.

But the lingering question that has remained unanswered is:
Why do some Men spend so much resources to marry a woman only to cheat on her after a few years?

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What does he see in the supposed side chick that is absent in his wife?

What makes the man lose interest in the woman he once cherished so much?.

Some social media users shared their opinions and possible solutions to the issue.


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Most times girls don’t take care of themselves after marriage, some don’t even clean themselves well enough to attract their husbands, some go even confidently keep pot belly like say na beer parlor dem dey reside, if na you, you no go loose interest?.

Beause Nigeria women see marriage as a license to go out of shape.
You look like a run way model before marriage, then after marriage you turn to tenimakanaki, what do you expect your man to do?.

Two things are involved
1.When you married a good wife, you married a prayer partner.
2.When you married a wrong wife, you married a prayer point.
Choose your partner wisely.
I come in peace.

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When the wife stops doing what the man loved about her, same with men.

Those saying women lose shape after marriage, I disagree. A lot of really hot married women still have husbands that cheat. The true reason is SEE FINISH. There’s a satisfaction that comes with straffing someone new!! You only counter with self control which lots of men lack.

Becaus she got fatter or because she’s always tying wrapper.
I don’t know oh.

Not all men though and it’s basically because a lot of women let their beauty and style fade as soon as they get married, some after child birth.

Some marriages start going AWOL mostly after child birth, some forget how to have sex, some forget how to spice up things, truth is, who will love you no matter your looks, will do. That doesn’t mean that you as a woman should not take care of yourself or try to look good for him.

Most times, the love they thought they had for each other wasn’t that genuine to begin with, Marriage in Nigeria these days are mere peer pressure. Most times is also lack of commitment to their marriage.

I see a lot of twisted angles. From what I observed mostly, once a woman has a child, the love shifts. Over the years she cares about the children giving 80% of love to the children, 20% to the man. Even 20 years later, every one start singing praise to the mother and father a devil.

Their wives can’t manage to hide their bad manners for so long

The problem with some ladies in marriages is that all of a sudden they stop doing what they used to do before getting married.
Don’t stop wearing those sexy clothes after getting married. If you can’t wear them out, wear them inside the house.
You know what he admires most in you before you finally became his wife. Don’t stop doing those things.
You used to call him sweet names before marriage, after marriage you started calling him “Daddy”, that’s wrong. Always maintain same energy you started with before getting married.

As a woman, if you’re the type who constantly nags your man about other women and/or keeps a check on him and his phone every now and then, he’ll know you’re very insecure.
Interrogating your man about his female friends and questioning his every move makes him lose interest.

Because they suddenly become stiff and no longer package. They stop saying baby, be tying wrapper up and down the house.

The stress women go through cannot be overemphasized, starting from pregnancy to childbirth and weaning the baby etc. No matter how perfect you think you can be the body can never remain the same. But even at that women should not neglect themselves all in the name of marriage.

Why do you lose interest in blackberry?
It’s because there is IPhone, so bro, same things applied to wives… You will gat tired.

If any man loses interest in his wife after a few years in marriage most times it’s because the man chose by sight alone. Before you pick a lady to marry, make sure she’s the kind you have pictured that you can’t lose interest in at any stage in the marriage.

Most times we get more than what we bargain for, if a man met u wen you’re slim, is because he likes slim gals but if later became 5in1 uncontrollably, most women don’t care of their looks anymore even you try taking them.
But men should help their women remain in shape, not to go out.

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