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Orji Kalu Claims that 9 APC Presidential Aspirants Are Set to Withdraw From the Race

Senator Orji Kalu, chief whip of the senate, claims nine APC presidential aspirants are withdrawing from the race.

The former governor of Abia state stated the candidates whose names he didn’t mention would support Senate President Ahmad Lawan’s presidential campaign.

As the APC failed to zone the presidential ticket to the South East, Kalu on Monday, May 9, withdrew from the 2023 presidential race and endorsed Lawan.

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“Lawan’s candidature will rock like a hurricane,” says Orji Kalu.

“As I am talking to you, about nine presidential aspirants from our party have intimated to me of their plans to drop their presidential ambitions to support Ahmad Lawan.

“Does that not signify victory before the election? Lawan’s candidature will rock like a hurricane.

“Lawan is from the north-east and has similar sympathy with the south-east that is yet to produce a president. “

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‘I have repeated my reasons for dropping my ambition for Lawan severally and I am sure Nigerians are aware already.

“We are also expecting an influential presidential aspirant from the opposition to join the APC. “So, you can see the party is very progressive and properly ready for Lawan’s emergence.”

Kalu said he doesn’t expect the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to heed the calls of certain political parties to postpone primary elections.

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He said the parties were duly informed and should have prepared well as mandated by the electoral body.

“Extension of the dates will only support irresponsibility. Nigerians find it difficult to keep to time and appointments and that is why they would always seek for extra time.

“I support INEC to stick to their timetable otherwise we will be living with postponement after postponement. Such a trend is not healthy for a society and its people.

“We complains of indiscipline but not ready to be practical about the requirements of discipline.

“INEC should discipline any party that fails to meet up, because that is the only way they can take their jobs seriously,” Kalu said.

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