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Over 1,500 Human Bones Found At Japan’s Osaka Historical Grave Site

Archaeologists have uncovered remains of more than 1,500 people buried in a 19th-century mass grave in the city of Osaka, western Japan. Experts believe they were buried together due to deaths related to an epidemic disease.

The mass grave, named the Umeda Grave, had been dug up during excavations for a city development project in Osaka. Also Read – Japan PM Shinzo Abe Set To Resign, Citing Worsening Health: Report

Officials at the Osaka City Cultural Properties Association, investigating the remains said on Wednesday that they believe they are of young people who died in the late 1800s, an Associated Press report suggests. Some looked to have had signs of disease on their hands and feet, the report added.

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“It was our first historical discovery of a burial site in Osaka. The findings will provide details of the burial tradition of ordinary people back then. As in the earlier excavation, the remains of some of the people showed lesions on their limbs, suggesting they fell victim to an epidemic in the region”, Yoji Hirata, an official at the association said.

Thes remains have been removed from the excavation site and will be further examined to ascertain the cause of their deaths.

Some experts have cited the possibility of an epidemic of syphilis, which was rampant than in populated areas such as Osaka.

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