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Pope’s Instagram Handle once again ‘Liked’ Another Bikini Model’s Sultry Photo

Pope’s Instagram Handle once again 'Liked' Another Bikini Model’s Sultry Photo

A month back, pope Francis trending on social media after his Instagram account like a photo post of bikini model Natalia Garibotto which sent the internet into a frenzy. Now it appears that his official Instagram account has ‘liked’ a second model’s picture!

The Pope Instagram handle ‘liked’ a picture of OnlyFans’ model Margot Foxx in a black swimsuit, which Margot even shared a screenshot on Twitter which showed Pope Francis’s official Instagram account liking a rather racy photo of her on Instagram.

Reacting to the photo, Margot wrote, “uhhh the pope liked my picture?” In a second tweet, she cheekily wrote, “the pope liked my picture that means i’m going to heaven.”

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It is not yet know if the like has been removed, due to the fact the model is private.

The pope’s ‘Franciscus’ account was among the 133,000 that ‘liked’ Brazilian model Natalia Garibotto photo last month, the photo shows the model wearing a racy outfit that resembles a school uniform.

According to the Catholic News Agency, the Pope’s social media channels are controlled by a team of employees and an internal investigation has been launched into the matter.

Pope Francis has huge popularity across social media and his official Instagram account has 7.4 million followers. The account does not follow any other accounts. On Twitter, the Pope has a following of over 18.8 million and in 2017, he was named the most popular world leader on the social media platform.

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