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roundnews24SHOWPopular Myths you probably believed which are untrue.

Popular Myths you probably believed which are untrue.

Busting the Myths

The world is controlled by Myths, they say. It’s a lot of fun growing up as a kid. There, a lot of information needed to live were gotten from mostly parents, relatives, older siblings and neighbors. Tales of strange occurrences were told to make the kids behave well. A lot of which developed into Myths.

Though some of these fables helped to shape the characters of the youngies and instill discipline, it’s been proven that most of those tales were just a hoax.
Here are some of the popular myths that people believed as kids.

  1. Beans make you grow tall: there’s a level of truism to this.
    The nutritional benefits of Beans aids in gigantic growth. But the genetic factors of an individual contributes majorly rather than nutritional factors.
  2. Sitting on a rock/stone makes you grow smaller:
    This is infact an outright lie. The disadvantages of sitting on a piece of stone is a deterioration of body posture. So, at least let’s heed to the advice.
  3. If your snacks fall to the ground, it gets mouthed by the devil:
    It’s bad manners to eat things picked from the floor, but the myth that some religious gluttonous villain rushes to feast on it first is a heavy lie. Even Lai Mohammed would be shocked to hear that.
  4. Trees germinates in the stomach of anyone that swallows it’s seed:
    It’s astonishing to bury a seed in the ground and boom!!! a tree appears. It’s more astonishing to see anyone eating seeds, who does that?. But if you believe the story that you would carry a tree around if you consume a seed, you’ve been deceived.
  5. Looking into mirrors at night invites attack from witches:
    Peering into mirrors in the dark isn’t much fun as you wouldn’t see yourself in full beauty. But the person that invented the witchcraft tale is the reason Kizz Daniels sang “Laye eh”.
  6. Picking money along the road would turn someone into a stone:
    If you grew up in Nigeria, you would be familiar with this myth especially during festive seasons. But no record has proven this claim. In as much as it’s not true, this story has gone a long way in disciplining kids to avoid picking money on the road.
  7. Nigeria vs India match (99-1):
    Who in Nigeria didn’t hear this tale. If you were among the Nigerian players, and you see human beings hanging in the air, with a live tiger as the ball, would you play the game?. The fabricator of this story is a legend, make that guy the chief of Lying staff.
  8. If you write something on the floor without cleaning it, devil will mark it bad:
    And oh, the devil is on the news again. Uncle Ekwii, is it only on the floor?, What about billboards and signposts. The originator of this false story is a full time scammer.
  9. If someone jumps over a kid, he’ll be short in future:
    And we believed, desisted and even fought anyone that tries such on us. Next time someone tells you this, sue the person for misinformation.
  10. Pointing at someone means the person’s parents are dead:
    Though it looks weird to point at people, the belief that it means the person is an orphan sounds ridiculous, that was one of the reasons Chinwetalagu Agu shouted “akpurakpumbem”.
  11. When your upper milk tooth falls off, you throw it up the zinc. When the down falls, you bury it, otherwise they won’t grow back:
    As bad as the rule is, some people spiced it up by saying that prayers have to be offered to lizards to assist in growing back the tooth speedily. If you were told this as a child, go back and demand for justice. You were deceived.
  12. When you commit an offence, place a broom on the foot mat and walk over it, your parents will forget to punish you:
    Almost everyone who tried this will testify that they still got beaten rigorously like someone who stole.
  13. When you set fire to faeces, the buttocks of the responsible person would get burnt:
    It’s not nice at all to wake up one day and see poo littered around your home. In order to curb this, some myths have it that setting fire to the faeces torches the butt of the perpetrator. It would be nice if this myth is actually true, but unfortunately it isn’t.
  14. If you leave windows open at night, devil would pinch you:
    It’s a hat trick for the devil. How on Earth would someone come in through an open window and all he could do is to pinch a sleeping and run away. We need to thank God specially for creating a devil whom we blame for everything.
  15. If you touch someone with a Cutlass, and don’t tap it on the floor, a Cutlass would harm the person in future:
    Before you can even finish saying this, the former first lady could be heard screaming “Will you keep quiet”. The composer of this lie deserves a bottle of cold beer, to be smashed on his head. It doesn’t just make sense.

There are so many other myths people were made to believe as a kid. Do you still remember some?, Share them in the comment box.

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