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Prayer Walk is useless – MannyMusic


Aba based gospel artiste MannyMusic Uzoala has slammed fellow christians for opting for a Prayer walk instead of protesting to put an end to the civil unrest plaguing Nigeria.

The Aba highly respected musician criticized the move, claiming that it’s pointless seeking divine intervention on political and social matters when the right approach should be to protest. Citing other countries as instances, MannyMusic claimed that countries like Dubai, China, USA, U.A.E didn’t attain their current national status by praying.

He called on christians in Aba to desist from bequeathing their efforts to religious beliefs and joined the protests to clamour for a social change.

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The Solution to the Decaying condition of Our State and Country?..JUST TELL ME YOU’RE JOKING..

No….Please tell me You’re not Serious..

Religion has Finished us and that’s why Africa is backward…

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How On Earth did you come to Conclude that Because you Prayed on the Streets,The Land has been Healed?

I kept on seeing posts That made me Laugh..

ABA has been Healed..Is ABA Sick?

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ABA has been dedicated to God..Na devil get am Before?

I even saw someone say ABA Has been married to Jesus..Hello,Jesus is married to the Church And not ABA..

I was Part of a Prayer Squad in 2013.We moved at Night from one T Junction to the other at Oghorhill Praying..We Prayed and prayed and prayed and Prayed again..Wetin happen? Nothing..

Men and Brethren ..

Part of our Problem is that we Pray a Lot.

There is no Prayer we have not Prayed in this land And we will Still Pray..

In fact,If prayer was the Solution to the Problems and challenges we are Facing as a People,Africa will be the Most Civilised and developed Continent in the world..U.S.A or Europe or South America no go even near us..

Dubai didn’t Become Dubai by Prayer….

China didn’t Become the technology Hub by Prayer…

U.S.A did not become The world power by Prayer..

U.A.E did not become Madly Beautiful by Prayer.People that don’t Know God.They don’t believe in God.They even kill Christians yet they are far better than Our own Nation.

They didn’t Pray..
They didn’t Consult God.
The just did the needful and they are where they are ..But You,YOU MUST PRAY ON THE STREETS..


Look at Our Neighbour Ghana..They didn’t get to where they are by Prayer walk..

Then you did Prayer walk in ABA and automatically You are telling us to watch and see what will happen..There is something wrong with the way You’re thinking..

Thank God I already apologized before making this Post..

You Claim You Understand the times and Seasons Like the Sons of Issachar but you don’t know that we have prayed and this is a time to unite as a People against the Bad Government of the day..

You don’t know that this is a Season Of Protests Protests and more Protests..

You don’t know this is a Season To raise your Voices and speak up against the Stupidity on display in our Government Houses..

You don’t know this is the Season to Make Frantic Efforts to cause a Change in our society..

We are Clueless that’s why we resort to Prayers whenever it’s time for Action..

If you did not Come out for Protests and yet you came out for Prayer walk,You are a blow to our society.

If You were at the Prayer walk and you don’t have a voters Card,You are a disgrace..A big One..

If You were at the Prayer walk and You are not Open to Making conscious attempts To Cure the decaying Condition of our State, It’s well with you..

Infact the Protests To end Bad governance should even be more Intense in this City and here you are Praying on the Streets of ABA.

It is well..

And Come to think of it..

You went on a Praying Walk..There were Cameras to snap you guys while Praying On the Streets..


Mattew 6:5

And when thou Prayest,Thou shalt not be as the Hypocrites are ;For they Love to Pray standing in the Synagogues and in the Corners of the Streets that they may be seen of men.Verily I say Unto you ,They have their reward.

Feel free to Argue with the words of JESUS..


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