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Public opinion: Is it right for a lady to ask for a guy’s phone number?

When it comes to relationship matters, the society has been designed to think that it’s the guy’s responsibility to make the first move. Though the African culture demands that a man must be the suitor when seeking for marriage, but the courting or friendship stage ought to have different rules.

Generally, it is believed that if a lady picks interest in a guy, she is supposed to just hope and wait for the guy to show interest as well, then she accepts. Alternatively, she can as well send him little signals known as “green light” to let him know of her interest and reciprocate.

But just as so many practices have been questioned and altered, the belief that a lady shouldn’t propose friendship to a guy is also being put to a debate.

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If he doesn’t ask for her number and she likes him, can she ask?
Will it look too forward or pushy if a girl ask for a guys number first?
If you were a guy and a girl asks for your number probably after helping to drop her off, will you feel okay with it?

Some social media users shared their opinions on the subject.

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