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What value does your various relationships add to you?; the case of a lady poisoned by her friend

From my perspective, I thought sociality and relationship ought to add value to any individual’s life.

In my recent research, I found what various relationships could do to a person’s life, either investing negative value or positive value.

The predative and micro predative relationships: while some friends add positive value, some don’t, they just eradicate your dreams, kill your dreams or even killa person. In a predative relationship, two or more individuals are involved, in this case speaking about just one individual.

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The predator attacks it’s prey, so while mingling with others, what definition of their relationship with you do they portray in attitude and words. In a micro predative relationship, a micro predator gradually kills maybe through gossip, daily lifestyle, jealousy etc.

The parasitic and parasitoid relationship: Parasite are harmful organisms which can cause harm. As parasite cause harm that could easily be seen by gradually benefiting from your system while you suffer the pain, parasitoids causes harms not yet realized by benefiting from your system without you seeing the harm yet, probably by laying eggs into your system etc. So while some friends show you who they really are, some hid their true self from you under a certain shadow. All of these making manifest someday.

The mutual relationship: where you find true relationships, true friendships who don’t hurt you like others would. In a mutual relationship, both parties benefit from one another. So while you bless the other, you are in turn blessed when in need.

True friendship lies in this quote ” a friend in need is a friend indeed”

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How can one be killed by her friend just because she got an iPhone 11 as gift?. By a friend who poisoned her.

How do you define your relationships? On what ground do you define your friendship?

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