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Reno Omokri: You can’t marry a useful wife after making innocent girls useless

Former presidential aide Reno Omokri took to social media to educate men on the reason some people end up with bad wives, stating that it’s a punishment from God for defiling other ladies.

Reno Omokri insisted that men who engage in frolicking around with some women for the sole purpose of pleasure does so at the expense of his marriage. It is believed that some Men take advantage of women’s sensitive nature to lure them into the trap and achieve their selfish dreams.

Citing a reference from the Holy Bible, Reno Omokri stated that many men who end up marrying bad wives were guilty of making other women useless, thereby enduring bad marriages as a punishment from God. He also warned that any Man who gets cursed by a woman he takes advantage of will definitely find it very difficult to become free.

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Dear men,

Women are not music tapes, to be sampled anyhow. They are flesh and blood humans, who are more sensitive than you. Don’t deceive a woman with marriage, just to have your way. Women are DEEP, If a heartbroken woman curses you, it takes a lot to undo it. Sadly, many men are unaware that bad wives can actually be a punishment for displeasing God. Ecclesiastes 7:26 makes it very clear. That is why you should live your life with utmost care. You cant make many innocent girls useless, then hope to marry a useful wife


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