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River in Russia Mysteriously Turns Blood Red

Residents of Russia’s Norilsk are left horrified after the Daldykan River has mysteriously turned blood red. According to the locals, animals are not entering the rivers that appear toxic, however, so far, it has not been determined which chemical has caused the discoloration or if it can cause any health risks, reported Daily Mail.

“There are no ducks in the river, all are on the bank,” a resident Andrey German told the news website.
Meanwhile, photos and videos of the mysterious river have gone viral on social media.

“The Iskitimka River in Kemerovo turned red. The reasons are being investigated,” wrote a user on Twitter.

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Russian authorities have yet to establish the exact reason for the river’s unusual appearance, however many possible theories are coming to light.

Environmental officers say that the red colour was caused due to a blocked drain. Andrei Panov, deputy governor of Kemerovo, said, “The city storm drainage system is a possible source of contaminated water.” However, it is not yet clear what chemical caused alarming discoloration.

Sich an incident in the area hasn’t occurred for the first time. According to The Sun, a river in Naro-Fominsk also turned blood red earlier due to contamination.

Norilsk, an industrial city filled with metal factories, is considered to be “one of the most polluted cities on earth,” according to ABC News.

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