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Ronaldo Asked to Wear Face Mask During Portugal 4-1 Croatia UEFA Nations League

The Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo had to be reminded to put a mask on as he was forced to watch his nation from the stands.

Ronaldo was ruled out of the fixture because of bizarre reason. Reportedly, it was a bee sting that forced him to stay out of the match., and was forced to sit in the stands as his nation claim a convincing 4-1 victory.

“I am very doubtful that he will be 100 per cent OK,” Portugal head coach Fernando Santos said during his press conference, according to The Sun.

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“He had been training well, then suddenly on Wednesday one of his toes was red, as if he’d been stung by a bee. Now we have to wait. With an infection, you don’t know how long the recovery is going to take,” he added

During the game, Ronaldo unavoidably drew much attention after a stadium official was filmed approaching he to remind him to put on a mask as part of coronavirus protocol.

On being told, Ronaldo duly cooperated after been reminded and continued watching the match.

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