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Samklef: Nigerian Army is the laziest Army in the world

Nigeria’s top music producer Samklef has accused the Nigerian Army of being negligent of their primary duty in protecting the citizens of the country, instead of allowing themselves to be manipulated for political benefits.

Sharing his experience in his prime, Samklef recalled that the military had previously appeared to be accountable, until some corrupt politicians infiltrated the organization, manipulating the soldiers into creating chaos for selfish reasons.

The responsibilities of the military had therefore been diverted away from the primary responsibility of protecting the lives and properties of the citizens of the country.

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The hit music producer stated that the transparency of the Nigerian Army in handling the Boko Haram insurgency is in question, alluding that the existence of the insurgent’s activities proves that the military has failed to put an end to it.
Samklef implied that the Army derives pleasure instead in the harassment and molestation of innocent civilians whom they were supposed to defend and protect.

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