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roundnews24GeneralSexual Assault; what could be the cause?

Sexual Assault; what could be the cause?

A month after lockdown, issues surrounding sexual assault arose beyond its usual, it took lives of some victims and to surviving victims it left memories.

Cases of various sexual assault taking different age range, from kids to adult. This has left the society on pending questions, the why it is happening coupled with everyday rising cases. Leaving #saynotorape on social media platforms and humans crying out for justice.

Who is the cause? What is the solution? What can be done ? …tears are rolling from the eyes of females … Father raping child, neighbour raping neighbour.

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The most touchy scenario was that which a grown up did on a three month old kid.

Rape is not the way of our society, how do we tackle this? In curbing rape..

What should be done?, Do rapists deserve live sentence or a death sentence? Give your opinions on the comments box.

Share your points below and also share to friends.

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