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Spotify is back up following a brief outage

Music streaming platform Spotify is back online after a brief outage on Friday night in the US that prevented thousands of users from accessing it.

Several Spotify users have complained that their streams have suddenly stopped, and some have logged out and are unable to re-log in.

The streaming giant issues have been reported more than 30,000 times, as per online outage tracker Downdetector. Most complaints involved the smartphone application.

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At the midst of the outage, Spotify reported issues with the app (57%), audio streaming (28%), and website (14%), receiving more than 44,000 complaints of issues.

Just before nine o’clock, its Twitter account posted, “Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it.Thanks for your reports.”

The next tweet from the platform read, “Everything’s looking much better now! Get in touch with @SpotifyCares if you still need help”.

Spotify subscribers worldwide were left without songs and messages in March 2022 when a Google Cloud outage disconnected the platform.

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Spotify has 456 million users and 195 million premium members spread over 180 countries.

Source: siasat.com

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