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Surprise! US Man Plans Perfect Marriage Proposal For His Girlfriend, Video Goes Viral

surprise marriage proposal has gone viral on the internet, wherein Gulfport resident James Jourdan asked for her girlfriend’s Tayla McKinney’s hand in marriage, during her birthday celebration.

Notably, James wanted to make the moment special for her and had planned an elaborate proposal to surprise her by collaborating with video production company, Luke Price Studios. When it was Tayla McKinney’s 25th birthday on September 12th, James told her that he couldn’t make it because he wouldn’t be in town. To compensate, he created a heartfelt video to wish her which made her emotional.

However, more surprise was in store as the video suddenly started questioning him about ‘When did you know you wanted to marry her’ At this point, James arrived on the spot to propose to her in-person, surprising everyone.

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“If you would have seen me behind the scenes, I was so nervous,” Jourdan told Wlox.com. “I really was. But, it actually turned out so much better than I thought it would. I’m so glad it happened that way.”

Later, the sweet proposal video caught the attention of the television program, “Right This Minute” and now, the video has over 560,000 views on YouTube.

“I believe that it’s just a beautiful love story,” said McKinney “And to see it play out on camera the way that it did, I think it’s just touching so many hearts especially for the younger generation. We are 24 and 25. So, you don’t see that a lot.”

The couple posted the video on their YouTube channel and captioned it as, “Despite what society portrays, young, black love still exists! We are James Jourdan and Tayla McKinney (soon to be Jourdan!) and this is our love story. Come along with us as we #JourneytoJourdan and into our forever!!!”

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