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The global pandemic has set a stage involving positivity and vice versa, around the globe this positive impact has aid the real definition of our century.

Revolving round the world with the present pandemic, technological existence has brought different standard of living just to keep our society functional in a period of lockdown and quarantines.

Prior to this, these technologies may have long lasting impact beyond covid-19.
Below are the top 8 technology trends that covid-19 has brought upon our world, and this will help to build a resilient society, as well as their effects in our business, how we trade, working abilities, goods production, learning advancement, medical attention and as well entertainment too.
Online shopping and Robot deliveries

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Late 2002, the SARS outbreak led to a tremendous growth of both business – business and business – customer online marketplace platforms in different countries of the world, especially in Asia.

Similarly, covid-19 has transformed online shopping from a nice-to-have to a must-have around the world.

Such that persons staying at home can place orders without having a one-on-one contact with sellers, which are delivered to their designated locations.

However, before robot deliveries become prevalent, delivery companies need to establish clear protocols to safeguard the sanitary condition of delivered goods. Robot deliveries will be the way to aid easy and safe delivery to desired location of customers.

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Digital and contactless payments
Physical cash may carry the virus and as such digital payments for goods via money transfer, ATM, POS.
Though the availability of digital and contactless payments depends on the availability of networks and its signal strengths, and as well the devices to convert cash into digitalized format.

Remote Work
Many companies has subscribed to the work-from-home scheme which covid-19 has enforced on employees, and as such many companies has intended sacking its physical workers and engaging those with much technological experience to maintain their jobs by simply working online. Truly this system has enabled faster results in the growth of these companies.

Distance learning
Many schools have come to embrace the virtual educational system, which has saved much income of student’s transportation, educational material purchase, and huge tuition fees to a simpler means of learning which involves an online presence, subscription and less tuition fees.

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Telecommunication and online meetings
Communication has become easier on the virtual system, where companies and educational systems fix meetings and engaging employees, individuals and students. Some of these virtual systems involve Zoom, and other social media platforms which aid easy communication.

Online entertainment
The human creativity has brought the party of entertainment online, even if the quarantine measures have reduced in-person interactions. Cloud raves and online concert streaming platforms has gained traction around the world, enabling humans to unleash more and more creativity.

Supply chain advancement
Due to distancing and quarantine orders, factories are completely shutdown. While demand for food and personal protective equipment soar, some countries have Implemented different levels of export bans on those items. Heavy reliance on paper based records; a lack of visibility on data and lack of diversity and flexibility have made existing supply chain system vulnerable to any pandemic.

Robotics and drone
The global pandemic system has made the world realize how heavily we rely on human-to-human interaction.
Covid-19 has provided a strong push to rollout the usage of robots and more research on robots.

In recent weeks, countries in Asia have used robots to deliver foods to those in quarantine and also to clean certain environments. So saying, certain companies have made clear with statements of employing more of robots and less of humans to aid their rapid production and growth.

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