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Teenager girl dies while trying to rescue man ‘who eventually survived’

A teenager has reportedly drowned while trying to save a man who had got into trouble in the course of crossing a flooded river.

Roundnews24 Gathered that the decease body has been retrieved By rescuers in Kenya.

WITHIN NIGERIA reports that the 19-year-old deceased, Anna Nduku fell into the Kandisi river near Ongata Rongai, on the outskirts of the capital, Nairobi.

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No less than 130 individuals have allegedly lost their lives because of the flooding brought about by the overwhelming downpours that have been falling since October.

According to reports, Late Nduku was reacting to the calls of help of a man who was sticking to part of an bridge that was under construction. The man survived however as she attempted to save him she fell into the river and drown.

Ms Nduku’s mother, Elizabeth Mutuku, was nearby when the accident happened and according to her “I saw her struggling in the water and I tried to save her.

"I called out to her ‘Anna, Anna!’. I wanted to throw her a stick to try and pull her out. But the river was swollen and she was being tossed and tossed around and then it swept her away.”

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