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Forty years ago, a certain continent was tagged the dark, and between 1980 and 1990’s, the name remained the dark continent due to the fight and chaos, a continent which was mocked by foreign NGO’s, nations, individuals and many more. The future remained hidden in darkness. The destructive criticism didn’t pull the continent away from future but to look ahead, a new name arose to the rising continent which happened after 10years of a worthless name attached, so between 2000 and 2008 it remained a rising continent. The vision of a better continent didn’t end, so between 2008 and 2013 the continent began to Aspire which became it’s new name.

Rich they say we are, but not just the riches but wealth beyond imaginations were embedded beyond the 6feet of the continent. Which today that continent amounts to be called the next economic frontier from 2013 till date. Rich in diamond, sugar, salt, gold, bauxite, petroleum, woods, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, silver, cocoa beans, tropical fruits and many more unmentioned. Yet it remained hidden for years. A continent which is said to have the largest mineral resources in the world, with copper found in Katayama, Sierra Leone, Angola, Botswana etc, oil found in Congo, Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Tunisia, Equitoral Guinea, Cote d’ivoire, and more recently in Ghana.
As written by Didier Champion that such continent is the future, and the future is brighter. So why is such continent not progressing?

It is of great belief and evidence that this continent differs in certain aspects which tends to pull its positive growth. Evidently, we differ from other continents in an abundant negative situations such as limited ideas, low educational system, risk taking, conformed mind, inadequate experience, little knowledge and this is an imposing problem in our continent.
There is a saying that “problems will instruct you, improve you, inspire you, and increase you” and so ours should be a stepping stone. Before, it was said by the whites that if a secret should be hidden from the blacks, then it should be in books. This often said because our blacks were not interested in finding secrets but chasing defects.

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Mungo Park discovered the Niger river in Nigeria, a statement by Dr. Chika Ezeanya certified that such river was there right under the nose of her great grand Fathers, yet it took someone travelling miles to discover that which we lived blindly with. Gambia is said to have 80℅ of the world’s natural resources for battery production, late 2019, CNN uploaded a documentary about Gambia, in the video, it was seen that the owners of the resources were working day and night for the whites and will just be compensated with a plate of rice. This incident threw the shock in my life, what is the black continent waiting for?.

That blessed continent is Africa and I do support the words of Didier Champion that Africa is the future, it is the next economic Frontier, her future is as bright as the sun. And we have the capacity to improve, her problems seem to pass some level of instructions with much inspiration to increase her coast. The natural resources is there, but we need to work towards outstanding knowledge, experience, encourage and invest in ideas, financial support to improvements, not just education alone but to open floors for students to broaden their scope of understanding with much practical projects than theory, as Dr. Ben Carson spoke about taking the risk, Africans should embark on risk worthwhile to fight for our future, embrace transformed mindset, for we have peace and so we can be the best we want to be

We have seen the future and there’s alot to be done in the road ahead, we can be the future for the choice is ours, we have the future for its our dream to watch the land grow and wax strong financially and otherwise. The action is all we need to embrace, for Africa is truly BLESSED.

Don’t just read and keep to self, share, comment your possible ideas to improve or to boost Africa, ……..I am proud to be an African…. Shear ideas till leaders see the possibility to invest in the gold of our land.

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What can be done?

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