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The truth about Stingy Men’s Association (SMAN) – Darlington Chijioke

Upcoming blogger Darlington Chijioke took to Facebook to share thoughts on the newly formed group Stingy Men’s Association of Nigeria (SMAN) trending on social media platforms.

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Excuse Me for a minute.

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I’m sure you all must’ve been familiar by now with the new trend “Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN)” flying across social media.

It looks all fun and games but it’s not. This trend is not a joke, but an agenda engineered by some interest groups for nefarious reasons.

Check it out. It started as a joke, then a logo, then an ID card. Add it all together, there’s something more. This is a real organization with carefully mapped out objectives.

The plan is to bring disintegration among people, whereby everyone would become cold-hearted. I believe every grown man knows when/whom to spend his money on, He doesn’t need validation from some organization.

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The perpetrators would either register the group and pass its agenda into the law, or use social media to change the mentality of people into gender-phobia (if there’s anything like that) or some kind of misogynists. You would be seen as abnormal or toxic if you’re found rendering financial help to especially the opposite sex.

I suspect the key players of this organization are as follows:
(I don’t have evidence though, just a hunch)

• Feminists:
Society has been designed to make women believe they have to depend on men for everything (this a discussion for another day). The goal of achieving gender equality by the Feminists coven isn’t looking any possible to achieve.
So this group might be plotting to disunite Men and Women, knowing that the females would be forced to fend for themselves, thus making it easier to get into their heads and push the gender equality agenda.

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The rainbow community might as well be involved. If separation is caused by male and female relationships, this might encourage attraction between the same sex if they start spending more time together.
You may argue that guys spend time with each other anyway, yes but some of the discussions still include girls, same with the reverse.
Now, when the opposite sex is taken out of the picture altogether, definitely homosexuality and lesbianism are gonna thrive.

• Social Distancing Plotters:
The idea of making people stand apart as part of covid-19 precautionary measures will always be a colossal failure. So the severing of male and female relationships with the SMAN movement would promote social distancing.
When a guy/girl is not allowed to associate with the opposite sex and doesn’t want to give into LGBTQ pressure, he/she starts spending time alone. Simple.

Like I said before, the goal of SMAN is to bring disintegration. Now, a guy can’t ask a lady out when he’s never going to shower her with gifts. And the ladies would soon form a reprisal movement to discourage any form of activity with the men as a counterattack.
Where would all these lead to? I guess I’ll leave you to answer.

Don’t associate yourself with this devilish organization.
It is more blessed to give than to receive irrespective of who or whatever motive. A word is enough for the wise.

Till I come your way next time…
I remain…
Professor Darlington Chijioke
Blogger and Journalist.

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