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These Facebook comments is the funniest thing on the internet today.

A Facebook user went a bit naughty to ask a question in a public group. The question which is related to a very sensitive subject bothering on cunninlingus sparked off a chain of hilarious reactions from mostly guys whose interests are centered around the subject.

The post on Facebook reads “During p**sy sucking, is it good to swallow the spit?”. This very topic is as interesting as it is awkward. Many ladies enjoy oral sex but very few guys are willing to be participants. The lack of willingness from a lot of guys seems to be the popular infamous deduction that the female private parts emits some offensive stench, and so the guys would think twice before embarking on what looks like a suicide mission. But some people who don’t mind the fables and still engage in the act for the sole purpose of pleasuring their partner raises another question “What happens to the liquid secreted by the lady’s private part during the act?” …

The question sets off a series of hilarious comments on Facebook that’ll make you laugh out loud.

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