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Things you should stop doing in 2021 – Aproko Doctor.

Doctor Chinonso Fidelis Egemba popularly known as Aproko doctor has taken to social media to advise the general public on dangerous habits to do away with in the new year 2021. He warned followers on 3 major unhealthy habits that he claimed is slowly destroying their lives.

Aproko doctor is known for his selfless medical advice on twitter, he seeks to promote healthy and hygienic living for members of the society, and as such always shares health tips on how to avoid health hazards like cancer, kidney stones etc.

Aproko doctor
Dr. Chinonso Fidelis Egemba a.k.a Aproko Doctor

His latest tips warned people to desist from an age long cankerworm called smoking. He explained that the intake of such substances, especially shisha is very injurious to the body and slowly destroys the cells, leaving the individual in a terrible health condition.

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Aproko doctor also advised people to put an end to the habit of making comparisons with themselves and other social media users, he said that this practice has a very adverse effect on the mental health of an individual. Furthermore, it is believed that most of the internet users who flaunt wealth on social media are not genuine.

Lastly, Doc. Egemba advised people to always seek professional help when faced with emotional challenges. The idea of handling personal difficulties alone in silence has led a lot of people into depression and possibly taking their own lives.

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