Thirty sentenced to death over Ramadan clashes in DR Congo


Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) court, has sentenced thirty people to death over Eid violence that erupted in the capital, Kinshasa.

Thirty sentenced to death over Ramadan clashes in DR Congo
Thirty sentenced to death in DR Congo

Aljazeera reported that one police officer was killed and dozens of others injured in clashes between rival Muslim groups.

On Thursday, violent clashes broke out between Muslim worshippers fighting for access to the Martyrs Stadium, Kinshasa’s main sports complex, to hold Eid-al Fitr prayers.

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The protesters attacked the police who were present to supervise the ceremony, injuring dozens of them.

A lawyer confirmed the sentences, saying that 30 people were sentenced to death in a trial that started on Friday, a day after the violence took place.

They were charged with criminal association, rebellion, assault, and battery, as well as attempted murder, while five people were acquitted.

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