Top 10 youtube Earners: Eight-year-old Ryan tops the list with $26m

An eight-year-old boy, Ryan Kaji, has been rated as the highest earner on youtube.

Ryan started his youtube channel “Ryan’s World” when he was just 3 years old by unboxing toys on camera

Ryan, of Ryan’s World, earned $26m (£20m) in 2019, up from $22m in 2018, according to an annual top-10 ranking by Forbes, based on estimated earnings between June 2018 and June 2019.

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Third, on the list is also a 5-year-old Russian girl, Anastasia Radzinskaya, Earnings, $18 million

According to BBC report, Nastya channel features Anastasia Radzinskaya, who was born in southern Russia with cerebral palsy.

Second, on the list is Dude Perfect features five friends in their 30s playing with toys such as Nerf guns and attempting various trick shots.

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