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Tricks used by Scammers exposed by victims

Scamming has gradually become a means of livelihood for many young unemployed people in Nigeria, it’s no longer seen as a bad omen when someone identifies himself as a fraudster which is generally known with the slang “yahoo”.

The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria has left many young people; graduates inclusive, resort to swindling other people of their hard earned money using illegal means. Different strategies are being formulated by these scammers on a daily basis to hoodwink unsuspecting victims into sending them money and thereafter cut off communication with the victims after the transactions must have gone through.

Few years ago, many Nigerians lamented after the popular ponzi scheme known as MMM crashed after too many people have invested their money. Irrespective of the great losses, it seems the lessons weren’t learnt after all as many others plunged into subsequent ponzis. Some internet scammers maximized the opportunity to introduce fake ponzis, swindle as much money they can get and disappear, leaving their victims in tears and regret.

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Some of the victims shared their experiences with some scammers under a tweet by Instablog, relaying some of the tactics employed by fraudsters to defraud people.

For 2go that year, all recharge card wey I send my online gf Naomi224 😣 I no know say na my guy Kingsley dey run the acct Weyre chop me… E no go better for you oo Kingsley 😭

Capable @capablephotos

I paid 10k for fixed 150 odds and the game cut, no be that one pain me oo, the guy said he did not know me when I asked what happened

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smallie @LolahJune
Went to withdraw at FB Maryland’s atm,this guy walked up to me and gave me story of how he came to Lagos for an interview and couldnt afford to transport himself home,mumu me dropped 2k of the 5k I withdrew. 2weeks later,saw same guy at “The Place”,came to me with SAME MF STORY

Grandson Iya Elero @iam_oladaps
A guy told me he wanted to help me with my shoe lace I was feeling fly like a king when he was doing so… I said thank you when he finished he waived goodbye oo…. when he left I wanted to check time on my phone that was when reality dawned on me oo… he show me Lagos

$$$$$$$$ @donrossy123
Yeah, There was this iphone 6 i saw on jiji for 80k, so i contacted the guy and he told me to come to ikeja, on getting there around 5pm with two of my friends the guy told me that i should chill that he’s coming from Egbeda axis and the road is’nt that free. naso baba later showed up around 8pm and we entered one restaurant at olowu junction and sat down and he brought out the phone after confirming that the phone was in good terms i paid for it, after counting the money 80k he said no that he cant sell the phone that i should make it 85 which i disagreed so we left. On coming out, he started saying dt i just wasted his time that i should bring out the money which i did and he brought out the phone, and mumu me didn’t even bother to check back the phone and he left.
When we got inside the bus with all the excitement naso i on phone two peopla shake hands. We immediately went back there but baba don japa

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lady Brun @KookeyLady
When I was still looking fof hook up, my village people met me at the gate. A supposed agent scammed me of 20k because I dey find hook up for island. I had to be scammed the first day I got to the island by someone in Ilorin. Chai, since that day… I no do hookup again

Efficient Edward #ENDSARS @EdwardEfficient
I was scammed at Ikorodu Lagos when BB bold 5 still dey Regine a guy walked to me told me he wanted to sell BB bold 5 for 12 k , I prize him 8 k he side bring money I run home to bring money paid the guy collect BB to find out that it was fufu wrap it black tape

adejokey @officialrokkie
When I was new on Twitter. The guy told me he is doing giveaway and he is going to give out 3 iPhone Xmas to 3 lucky winner. Unfortunately I begged him to pick me and he did. Later on he told me to send delivery fee 3999 I sent it, he told me to send 4500again for the driver.

Emmanuel @Olanrew32564210
Have been scammed o, I engaged in newspay. An online platform where you read news and comments to earn. It all ended in premium tears.

Ayodeji Coker @ayodejicoker1
One bastard message me for it say make I invest in binomo say hin go help me run the acct and I go collect ×2 of the money within an hour… my 5k.

Xavier Son @AbdulqoyumTija1
I was scammed of 120 thousand my school fee how it happened I saw the message on my Whatsapp the person asked me if am interested in money flipping that 20 thousand get 40 thousand so I did it and later the person told me that they don’t longer do 20000 naira
That’s if am interested now that it begins from 100000 and if I don’t do it my 20000 naira can’t be refunded so I used my school fee for it and I added the remaining 80. And later the girl told me I haven’t paid agent fee 20000 naira.

Contiflo XL @seseyonn
One of my guys & I paid 30k for fixed 100 odds from Scott Cruz on FB. After game cut, I tried contacting baba on FB again, FB sey acct no exist

Laters baby @OtuStephanie1
Omo I bought hair 25k on Instagram o, paid Delivery charges from Lagos to ilorin 2500…

She was to deliver on Saturday o, by 12pm IG page disappeared, number not reachable till date

PROTEGE @Protegeofhim
Forex scams sadly.. was scared to trade by myself so I gave some “forex account manager” and then that’s how I ended up in debts

professor francisca @kudi_ova_boiz
Just once in April 2013, I paid 17,500 and 2k for delivery for a furla pink transparent bag from dehadza fashion. I contacted them, they promised to send,i sent messages they told me the bag was unavailable that I should choose from other bags, I chose a purse worth 10k,yet they Didnt send nor contact me. I remember calling them several times,yet they didnt send. Till I read messages on their facebook wall that they are fond of this. I decided to let go.



𝙵𝚒𝚎𝚛𝚌𝚎 @lts_izzy_
Paid 20k for a buisness plan to one popular YouWin winner (Utibe Etim) since 2018, and till today he’s not responding to me again. Imagine! Both illegal and legit buisness all scam people in this country!

Sosa Walmart @PedroAisosa
Lost 600k to Watford Corp. they said they sell shares for US companies and when I buy I earn dividends for life. They paid me dividends fr 1 month. Before they japa

This guy patiently waited till I sent coin of 350k to him, I waited for payment mehn. I slept nicely thinking this guy will send no matter what. Omo Btc business is out of this world swears

D`Hair Clinic @Hakeyhim05
There was this platform called Box Value.. They give you %20 return of your investment %5 release on first week another %5 release second week they will release %10 with your total investment.. It only lasted 6months the rest was story.. Well I lost $700 to them.. Lesson learnt

Lĕonardo @Leonard_mezu
Fixed odd ,e cast ,I tell baba , e block me

B R I G H T❥︎☢︎︎ @adigwebright
Use my first salary ever after working 8-6 for Kora to do MMM

E no even reach two day wey I do am. Them pack up

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