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By Ubongabasi Joseph

Ever wonder how possible it is to turn your ideas to realities, here is the 7 techniques to guide you.

1. Visualization Technique:

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thinks Our subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. So It just picks what we constantly see, hears, thinks, and plays it all over again, even in our dreams.

Some time ago as a kid, while watching an announcement of a certain fellow, whose picture was right on the screen with words signifying death. The night was already here, so I jettison my watch moments, running outside to urinate while urinating I saw leaves forming the exact frame similar to that which I saw on TV minutes ago, I was actually scared so I zoomed inside.
What formed this picture was my subconscious, it didn’t care if the previous image was real or not.

For one to actualize his or her idea, such a person needs to use the visualization technique. It works perfectly, such that most of our nightmares are formed from the subconscious mind.

2. Mental-Movie Technique:

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For you to activate your dreams or ideas to reality, you ought to have a strong belief that its not just an idea but a reality. You ought to play the movie of success in your mind, store it there and watch your subconscious play it often.

3 Bandouin technique:

This technique was discovered by a professor in Rousseau Institute who was a French psychoanalyst. In his discovery, he said that the best time to visualize our ideas is in a drowsy or sleepy state or akin to sleep.
That moment when your eyes are heavy and it’s just between sleep and trying to force your wake. It’s also the point where you wake from your sleep and within 5minutes, you wish to get back to sleep.
At these points, you ought to meditate your ideas repeatedly by words. It might take some time, but it’s going to work.

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4 Gratitude technique:

Our humanity tends to hold onto more complaints than a thank you. The more you say thanks to your creator for life, for breath, for even giving you the ability to think about an idea, the more your idea becomes teal.

5. Convictive technique:

Conviction comes when you know something good is going to definitely happen.
For instance, you have an uncle who is in affluence and he can often give you when you don’t even ask of him. If he promises you the car by tomorrow, I’m pretty sure you will absolutely believe it.
Same with your idea, when you make affirmations about your idea, it shows conviction. It shows that you know it will come to pass.
Have ever read about Thomas Edison, this man failed 999 times trying to invent the light bulb, it sounds funny and stupid for that much failure, on his 1000th time he invented the light bulb, which you and I use today.
What made Edison stick to his dreams was CONVICTION. He knew he could make it, he knew his idea can become reality, he had a strong belief that everything he wishes to have will come to pass.

6. Argumentative technique:

The number of times you overcome, the more you become stronger to be the person you want to be, at this point your desires become reality.
You ought to argue with nature, friends, and your thoughts about you, this forcefully turns your dreams to reality.

7. The action technique:

I would love to put it this way “you can’t have a book if you don’t walk over to a store to purchase the book of your choice”. You can’t be sleeping in your bed and still want to have a mansion.
If you want to be a CEO, you ought to do what CEO’s do.
Ideas are not just said, they are acted on. If not they remain a shadow in your mind.
The reason why most people don’t actualize their dreams is simply that they make their ideas shadows while saying it.

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