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roundnews24InternationalTwitter hacking: three charged in 'Bit-Con' attack

Twitter hacking: three charged in ‘Bit-Con’ attack

Three people have been charged with carrying out the hacking attack on Twitter in mid-July in which the accounts of prominent people were taken over.

The attack which targeted the account belonging to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and entrepreneur Elon Musk.

Messages coming from their accounts promised the recipients that their money would be doubled if they sent an amount in Bitcoin to a specific place.

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“Everyone is asking me to give back, and now is the time,” a tweet from Mr. Gates’ account said. “You send $1,000, I send you back $2,000,” The message reads.

Authorities in Florida say 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark “was the mastermind” of the attack. He now faces 30 state felony charges, and federal charges may also be filed.

The US security authorities also announced that Mason Sheppard, of Bognor Regis in the United Kingdom, was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and the intentional access of a protected computer.

According to NBC reports, Nima Fazeli of Orlando was charged by federal authorities with aiding and abetting the intentional access of a protected computer.

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